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    Beauty From The Sea

    We Are Inspired from the Notes in Nature

    Prive is a professional cosmetic company that offers products developed for skin and face, inspired by the pure and special content of nature, all over the world. Hit the road through the credence that "Health is an art that touches beauty." Prive Cosmetics makes the luxury beauty rituals that everyone needs accessible. Knowing the professional way to look healthy,
    beautiful and flawless, Prive Cosmetics always makes its customers feel special.


    Our products are Cosmeceuticals.

    Cosmeceuticals are a class of skincare products that contain biologically active ingredients capable of exerting physiologic changes to the skin. Simply put, cosmeceutical skincare products don’t just make your skin look better temporarily, they can actually create changes in your skin.

    The term “cosmeceutical” was coined by Albert Kligman, MD, back in the 1980s as a way to describe a skincare product that does more than a cosmetic but is not quite a drug. It’s a blend of the words cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.Cosmeceuticals are more than cosmetics. Cosmetics, things like facial cleansers and makeup, can clean your skin or make it look nice, but they don’t change the way the skin behaves.

    Cosmeceuticals, on the other hand, contain active ingredients that change the physical structure and workings of the skin. And they may have real science backing these claims.

    Cosmeceuticals can’t treat skin problems. They’re used for aesthetic purposes and are a non-invasive way to improve the appearance of the skin. You can buy them over the counter, and you don’t need a prescription.

    for your need

    Skin Regenerative Sets

    Achieve visible results with Inspired by Dead Sea and Vilight that offers solutions to meet the need of your skin.

    Haircare Sets

    Revitalise your hair with Inspired by Dead Sea haircare sets specially developed by hairdressers and stylists.
    repairing and renewing

    Problematic Skin Combinations

    Skincare products produced by Inspired by the Dead Sea and Vilight for your special needs eliminate the skin deformation and gives you a new look with regenerative effects.
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